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YG's Enrollment Form

Note: We do not enroll any student under the age of 16 years in any paid course or program both in online and offline mode. Your enrollment will be confirmed only after the age confirmation and after we receive the consent from your parent/guardian. 

Important Instructions

YG's Refund Policy

Online Pre-recorded Courses: Refunds may be requested within the first 12 hours of enrollment. As the courses are pre-recorded and may be downloaded by means of third party applications, thus we will not entertain any refund request after 12 hours of enrollment.

Offline Classes: No registration fee is collected by us and no security deposit is made at the time of admission. Each student for each subject (chemistry / psychology etc..) will get 3 days free demo class. After demo class if the student enrolls, then he/she has to pay advance fees for the month (advance monthly fee). If any student wish to discontinue, he/she may do so at any time with complete return of fee based on the number of days left in the month. The return may be processed within 7-8 working days. 

YG's Student Welfare Policy

Inclusive Learning: Yuvaan Gurukul strive to create an inclusive learning environment that accommodates diverse learning styles and needs. Reasonable adjustments will be made to support students with special requirements.

Safety and Security: The safety of our students is a top priority. In offline classes, we maintain a secure and supervised environment. For online courses, we implement secure platforms and guidelines to ensure a safe learning experience.


Offline Classes Timings: 

Between 4pm to 7pm

Offline Class Size:            

Maximum strength is 8 students per class

No. of Active Batches:     

Class XII-Chemistry (01)

Class XI-Chemistry (01)

Class XI/XII Psychology (01)

Maximum Strength:           

24 - 26 students (offline)

Mental Health Support: Yuvaan Gurukul recognizes the importance of mental health. We provide access to resources and support services, we are trained to identify signs of distress and offer assistance.

Communication Channels: Yuvaan Gurukul maintain open and transparent communication channels for students to express concerns, seek guidance, or report issues. Students can contact our welfare person at +91-9557564442.

Privacy and Confidentiality: Yuvaan Gurukul respect the privacy of our students. Any information shared with Yuvaan Gurukul will be treated confidentially and used only for educational purposes.

Feedback Mechanism: Yuvaan Gurukul encourages students to provide feedback on their experiences. Regular surveys and feedback sessions will be conducted to understand students' needs and make continuous improvements.