A & Os

Aims & Objectives


(a) To establish, operate, and maintain educational institutions and platforms at primary, secondary, senior secondary, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels.

(b) To promote research in the fields of physical sciences, chemical sciences, and life sciences.

(c) To foster research in the fields of alternative medicine, yogic sciences, and astrological sciences.

(d) To collaborate with universities, colleges, schools, and institutions in India or abroad to promote a scientific temperament and enhance the abilities of young people.

(e) To engage professors, teachers, and instructors to provide education to students in all disciplines, physical training, culture, research, intellectual pursuits, and other beneficial activities.

(f) To provide counseling to students, parents, and society regarding mental health, personal hygiene, and career opportunities.

(g) To promote the principles of Hindu Vedas in education and establish libraries.

(h) To develop and implement educational outreach programs in rural and urban areas where clusters of low-income groups reside.

(i) To establish vocational training centers aimed at empowering the weaker sections of society to become self-reliant, thereby reducing their dependence.

(j) To conduct campaigns, training programs, seminars, symposia, and participate in them either domestically or internationally.

(k) To accept grants, donations, presents, gifts, and offerings from parents of students, the author, trustees, and other individuals, and to manage them for the purposes of the Trust.

(l) To invest, dispose of, transfer, and otherwise manage the properties and assets of the trust as the trustees deem fit for achieving the Trust's objectives.

(m) To provide scholarships to students on terms determined by the trustees.