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Yuvaan Research & Educational Trust

Join us in our mission to empower teachers, promote research, and create a brighter future for learners everywhere.

A dynamic organization based in the vibrant city of Dehradun. At Yuvaan, we are committed to empowering educators and fostering a culture of research and collaboration within the educational community. 

Our primary focus is on empowering teachers through comprehensive training programs and resources aimed at enhancing their professional skills and effectiveness in the classroom. Through innovative workshops, seminars, and online courses, we provide educators with the tools and knowledge they need to excel in their roles and positively impact student learning outcomes.

In addition to teacher empowerment, Yuvaan Research & Educational Trust is dedicated to promoting research initiatives in collaboration with schools, colleges, and other educational institutions. We believe that research plays a crucial role in advancing education and driving positive change in teaching practices and educational policies. By facilitating partnerships and providing support for research projects, we aim to contribute to the collective knowledge base of the educational community and foster innovation in teaching and learning. At Yuvaan, we envision a future where every educator has the resources and support they need to thrive, and where research serves as a catalyst for continuous improvement and innovation in education. 

YG's Founder - Abhinav Gaur K.

Abhinav Gaur (Kaptaan)

Founder, Yuvaan Gurukul

Introducing Abhinav Gaur K., an accomplished educator with six years of enriching experience in the realm of education. Armed with a diverse set of qualifications, including a Bachelor's degree in Science, a Master's in Organic Chemistry, and a Bachelor's in Education, Abhinav embodies a commitment to academic excellence. Notably, Abhinav holds a Post Graduate Diploma in International Teachers' Training, along with diplomas in Early Childhood Care and Education, Learning Disabilities, Special Needs Education, and Child Psychology, showcasing a holistic approach to pedagogy. 

Proficient in teaching under the CBSE, ISC, and CAIE curricula, Abhinav currently lends expertise to a prestigious residential school in Dehradun, the educational hub of India. Moreover, Abhinav is the esteemed author of "Total Notes - Chemistry" and "Science of the Mind - Psychology" guide books, adding significant contributions to the academic literature. Recognized for scholarly achievements, Abhinav was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Award in 2023 and the Pride of India Award. Notably, Abhinav has been listed among the 30 under 30 entrepreneurs by Insights Success Magazine, solidifying a reputation as a rising ed-tech star.

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YG's Content Development Team 

Introducing our dynamic Educational Content Development Team, a group of highly qualified professionals with a proven track record of excellence in their respective fields. Comprising experts with diverse backgrounds, each team member brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the table. With unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch educational content, our team members boast impressive qualifications and a collective wealth of years of experience. 

Their expertise spans a range of subjects, ensuring a well-rounded approach to content development that meets the highest standards of quality and relevance. As a team, they have consistently demonstrated their ability to produce results that not only meet but exceed expectations, making them invaluable contributors to the educational content landscape.

At Yuvaan Gurukul, we believe that education should be accessible to all, and with this mission in mind, we proudly offer a comprehensive and entirely free educational platform catering to students from Kindergarten to Class 12. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our meticulously crafted content, which includes engaging animations, detailed notes, mind maps, and thoughtfully designed practice questions. 

At Yuvaan Gurukul, we understand that the journey of learning is dynamic, and our platform is tailored to adapt and enhance the educational experience for students across all levels. Join us in reshaping the future of education, where high-quality learning resources are not just a privilege but a fundamental right for every student. Embrace knowledge, empower your potential, and embark on your educational journey with Yuvaan Gurukul.